Wild About Gardening

Would you plant a pussy willow in your garden? Probably not. But you may change your mind after visiting our Wild About Gardening Web site. This colourful, ever-changing site will inspire you to join the ranks of gardeners who are transforming backyards and communities into places where wildlife can thrive. The site offers bushels of information on how to attract everything from bats to butterflies and how to expand your habitat haven beyond your backyard into your community.

Visit the web site at: http://www.wildaboutgardening.org/ 

Something unique that the web site offers is the Wild About Gardening and Native Plant Encyclopedia ? the biggest database for wild gardeners anywhere! This vast store of information can help green horns and green thumbs alike. Native plants are those that have grown wild in your area for thousands of years. Local wildlife has evolved in association with native vegetation and it often dependent on its presence. These plants are far better suited to meet the needs of wildlife than exotic flora. A handy search engine allows you to find out which native plants will attract which wildlife, which ones are long-blooming, drought tolerant, and so on. Come see for yourself at www.wildaboutgardening.org.

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