GreenMarketCanada is a new meeting ground for companies and professional involved in the development, design, construction and operation of greener buildings, buildings which are energy efficient, ecologically responsible and healthy. This new website is designed for people who care about both the built environment and their bottom line.

Founded by environmentalist entrepreneurs Phil Fung, P.Eng., LEED? AP and Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng., GreenMarketCanada fills a need in the market for a single site where companies, individuals, organizations and others who truly care about buildings to connect with each other and to find the resources that they need to achieve their green building objectives.
GreenMarketCanada is the site where companies offering green products and services can market themselves to the exponentially growing green building market. As a service to the green building community, basic product and service listings in our comprehensive directory are free, but companies may choose to upgrade to more comprehensive directory descriptions. Buildings, property owners and professional practitioners can use this new site to rapidly source the full array of green products and services which previously they had to do themselves.
GreenMarketCanada is also the place where qualified green building practitioners can connect directly with market. Architects, professional engineers and interior designers who have succeeded in achieving LEED? AP certification by the Canadian Green Building Council as well as energy auditors and specialized consultants can list themselves on our website in order to quickly maximize their exposure to the market.
GreenMarketCanada is also the place for students, property owners, building managers, contractors and even practicing practitioners to find educational opportunities in order to broaden and deepen their green building knowledge base.
GreenMarketCanada is the place to find all the resources required to design new green buildings as well as to help make a building more green and energy efficient. GreenMarketCanada will aggregate relevant news articles about the latest developments in the filed. It also lists numerous government offices and organizations that can provide support to help projects to achieve their green building goals.
For more information about GreenMarketCanada please contact:
Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng.
President, GreenMarketCanada
Tel: (416) 473-4614
Fax: (416) 636-9922

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