Get in the mix: it’s time to send a Valentine to Ottawa!

Here is your own personal Valentine Campaign Kit (right-click and choose “Save as…”), courtesy of VTACC. In just one PDF file, you get an assortment of classic Valentines subtly modified to send a call for action on climate change. Our Valentine messages ask for reductions in emissions NOW, and are addressed to:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Federal Environment Minister John Baird, and
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.
Plus you get an additional, general message to send to [insert your local MP here].
After all, as we all remember from school, Valentine’s Day is only fun if everyone gets one!

The details:
Two sided printing (one colour, one B&W) on 80lb (~12pt) glossy-one-side card stock runs about $35, including cutting, for 100 Valentines (25 sheets) at your friendly local print/copy shop. At least that’s what it costs in Vancouver. (You can try feeding card stock through your own printer at home, but it may not work.)
Don’t forget, by law all Valentines go postage free to the House of Commons, so once you’ve got your stack, you’re just left with the pleasure of giving them away! Here in Vancouver we are handing them out on the street so that people can fill them out and drop them directly into mail boxes, and we are also giving them away at events such as screenings of “An Inconvenient Truth”.
If you’re game and you find yourself handing out Valentines, please encourage those who are sending Valentines to Ottawa to also send a brief message to to tell us (1) who their MP is, and (2) that their MP will be receiving one. We want to make sure that no one gets left out!
To that end, if you know people who live in the far corners of this great land (Newfoundland, Pond Inlet, etc.) who you think might like to send some Valentines this year, please let them know about this site so that they can download their own Valentine Campaign Kit.
Thanks! And Happy Valentine’s Day!
P.S. A little known fact: St. Valentine is the patron saint of travellers, and has an enduring interest in sustainable and self propelled transportation.

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