FORREX Watershed Management Extension Listserv – Feb 5, 2007

This list posting, published by FORREX Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources, is supported in part by BC Ministry of Forests and Range through the Forest Investment Account, Forest Science Program. For details or to contact FORREX, visit

———-TABLE OF CONTENTS———————————-
1) Hydrology, Maps, and Geographic Data for MPB Watersheds
3) New Publications
4) Upcoming Conferences
5) Events / Conferences / Workshops
6) Watershed Management Training

1) Hydrology, Maps, and Geographic Data for Watersheds Affected By Mountain Pine Beetle in the Interior of British Columbia

As the mountain pine beetle (MPB) spreads through the interior of British Columbia, the extent of lodgepole pine mortality and salvage logging will be significant in many watersheds. Stand mortality, salvage logging, and road construction each have the potential to affect hydrologic processes. The following text provides an introduction to the hydrologic consequences of both the MPB infestation and salvage operations, sources of information, and links to a series of maps and tables indicating the extent of lodgepole pine dominated forest cover types in medium to large watersheds throughout the interior of British Columbia.

Access info:


ThinkSalmon is the overarching public engagement campaign of the Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program (FSWP). With the vision of inspiring behaviour change for the benefit of salmon and the watersheds they depend on, ThinkSalmon is designed to engage the interested and not-yet-activated public to include salmon in their overall daily lives and decision making. In October, a team of “salmon thinkers” took this message to the Adams River “Salute to the Sockeye Festival” to engage some of the thousands of visitors who stopped to see the spawning Adams Sockeye. New stories are uploaded to the site every week! Be sure to check it out. Mark you calendars-the formal media and event launch of ThinkSalmon and the Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program will take place in the morning of February 28, 2007 at the Rocky Mountaineer Station.


3) New Publications

i) FPB Report: Protecting Karst in Coastal BC

About 10% of BC has bedrock that is suitable for karst formation, largely concentrated on Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii. The abundant rainfall of BC�s coastal rainforest makes our karst features among the most dynamic on earth. The Forest Practices Board has recently published a special report on protecting karst in coastal British Columbia. Read more:

Download Full Report: (1.4Mb)

ii) Sidle, R.C. and H. Ochiai. 2006. Landslides: Processes, Prediction, and Land Use. Am. Geophysical Union, Water Resour. Monogr. No. 18, AGU, Washington, D.C., 312 p.

iii) Evans, S.G., R. H. Guthrie, N. J. Roberts, and N. F. Bishop 2007. The disastrous 17 February 2006 rockslide-debris avalanche on Leyte Island, Philippines: a catastrophic landslide in tropical mountain terrain. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences.

iv) Jensen, V. 2006. Cumulative Effects Monitoring of Okanagan Streams Using Benthic Invertebrates, 1999 to 2004. Ministry of Environment.


v) NCASI Forestry Environmental Program News (Vol. 19, No. 01)
– Cerulean warbler not listed as threatened
– Ecosystems and climate change
– Progress in greenhouse gas reporting recognized at USDA
– Forest environmental issues in the southern United States
– Long-term research in forest ecology and silviculture


4) Upcoming Conference

News from the Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research & Management

What: Innovative Monitoring Conference �Where the Rubber hits the Road�
When: March 13 and 14, 2007
Where: Smithers, BC

The theme of this two-day conference is �Monitoring – how do results feed back into resource decision making?� Presenters from a broad spectrum of resource interests will discuss how they are meeting the challenges of the art and science of monitoring. Participants will gain awareness of opportunities for efficiencies and collaboration, and how to use the power of monitoring to improve decisions.

Call for posters: Abstract Submission Deadline February 5, 2007
Registration: Deadline March 5, 2007


5) EVENTS / CONFERENCES / WORKSHOPS **= new additions to list Feb 5, 2007.

Feb 6-8, 2007. Northwest Stream Restoration Design Symposium. Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington.

Feb 8-9, 2007. Source Water Protection & Planning: American Water Works Association. Vancouver.

Feb 12, 2007. Adaptive Management Workshop – Understanding and Enabling Adaptive Management in Natural Resource Management. Victoria.

Feb 12-13, 2007. 42nd Central Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research. Burlington, Ontario.

Feb 14, 2007. Adaptive Management Workshop – Understanding and Enabling Adaptive Management in Natural Resource Management. Kamloops.

Feb 16, 2007. Pacific Northwest Estuaries � What makes them so productive? Anacortes Public Library.

Feb 19-21, 2007. Riparian Management in Headwater Catchments: Translating Science into Management. University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Feb 21-23, 2007. ExpoFor 2007 (ABCFP Forestry Conference and Annual General Meeting). Harrison Hot Springs.

Feb 21-24, 2007. Joint Annual Meeting of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. Victoria.

Feb 27-28, 2007. 4th Conference on Hydrogeology, Ecology, Monitoring, and Management of Groundwater in Karst Terrains. Safety Harbor, FL.

Feb 25-27, 2007. 2nd Canadian National Wastewater Management Conference and Policy Forum. Edmonton.

** Mar 6, 2007. Managing Energy Use in Woodlands Operations. FERIC/FORREX/FIA-FSP Workshop. Vernon.

** Mar 6 2007. Speaking for Salmon. Panel Discussion on Groundwater and Groundwater Legislation in BC. Burnaby.

** Mar 8, 2007. Managing Energy Use in Woodlands Operations. FERIC/FORREX/FIA-FSP Workshop. Prince George.

** Mar 13-14, 2007. Innovative Monitoring and its Influence on Resources Decision Making. Bulkley Valley Research Centre Smithers.

Mar 20-23, 2007. Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop. Seattle, WA.

Mar 27-31, 2007. 2007 BC Ground Water Association Convention and Trade Show. Langley.

Mar 26-29, 2007. Georgia Basin Puget Sound Research Conference – Knowledge for the Salish Sea: Toward Collaborative Transboundary Solutions. Vancouver

Apr 21-22, 2007. BCWWA 35th Annual Conference and Trade Show. Penticton.

April 21-25, 2007 8th Western Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research. Penticton.

** May 10-11, 2007. 2007 BC Institute of Agrologists AGM- Prince George.

May 14-16, 2007. 4th International Symposium on Flood Defence. Toronto.

May 27-31, 2007. 1st Canada-U.S. Rock Mechanics Symposium. Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver.

May 28-June 1, 2007. CGU Annual Scientific Meeting-2007 – Air, Ocean, Earth and Ice on the Rock. St. John’s, Newfoundland.

June 18-22, 2007. Alluvial Fans 2007. Banff, Alberta, Canada

June 18 to 22, 2007. 6th North American Forest Ecology Workshop, Vancouver.

June 24-28, 2007. AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE). Toronto.

June 25-28. 2007. Science and Technology: Implications for Water Management. 60th Annual CWRA National Conference. Saskatoon.

** Aug 5-9, 2007. International Conference on Wind and Trees. Vancouver, UBC.

Oct 1-4, 2007 3rd Forest Engineering Conference. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

Dec 10-14, 2007. 2007 AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco.


6) WATERSHED MANAGEMENT TRAINING **= new additions to list Feb 5, 2007.

Selkirk Management Services

Ministry of Environment�s Develop with Care and Riparian Areas Regulations
** Mar 5 2007. Victoria
** Mar 6 2007. Langford
** Mar 9 2007. Duncan
** Mar 12 2007. Comox
** Mar 16 2007. Port Alberni
** Mar 19 2007. Campbell River
** Mar 20 2007. Nanaimo

Malaspina Natural Resources Extension Program

Electrofishing: Theory, Safety and Uses
Feb 22-23, 2007. Nanaimo
Apr 14-15, 2007. Burnaby
Apr 14-15, 2007. Kelowna
Apr 17-18, 2007. West Vancouver
Apr 21-22, 2007. Victoria
Apr 28-29, 2007. Prince George
Apr 28-29, 2007. Merritt
May 22-23, 2007. Castlegar
May 29-30, 2007. Fort St. John

Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects
Feb 19-21, 2007. Nanaimo

Erosion and Sediment Control
Mar 13-15, 2007. Nanaimo
Mar 20-22, 2007. West Vancouver
Apr 10-12, 2007. Kelowna
Apr 17-19, 2007. Prince George
June 5-7, 2007 Chilliwack
June 11-13, 2007 Fort St. John
June 11-13, 2007 Campbell River

Fisheries Field Technician Certificate Program (FFTCP)
Mar 29-Jun.29, 2007. Fraser Lake

Identification of Freshwater Fishes
Feb 12-13, 2007. Victoria
Feb 15-16, 2007. West Vancouver
Apr 3-4, 2007. Prince George

Resource Inventory Standards Committee Field Operator GPS Training
Apr 3-4, 2007. Nanaimo

Riparian Area Regulation
Mar 7-9, 2007. Nanaimo
Apr 2-4, 2007. Kamloops
Apr 17-19, 2007. Vancouver

S-100 Fire Suppression and Safety
Jun 2-3, 2007. Nanaimo


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