AJ Update – February 2007

Alternatives Journal-s E-Newsletter

Warming Up

Our Creative Communities issue is bursting with inspiring stories of eco-art and action. In Homer The Tree-Hugger, Simpsons writer George Meyer leads an open call for folks to save our planet. Meanwhile, Anita Krajnc stirs up a discussion of eco-flicks in her article Epocalypse Now. Join the discussion of protest art in our forum.

Escarpment Blues

Sarah Harmer is coming to Alternatives with some protest art of her own. Join us on March 8th at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo for a benefit screening of Escarpment Blues and a Q & A with Sarah herself. Seating is limited, but as subscribers to the AJ Update we’re giving you first dibs! Call before Wednesday February 7th to reserve your spot. All proceeds of this benefit screening go to Alternatives Journal.

Food Out Loud

Our last issue, Thought for Food (32.3), has inspired a broadcast of Jon Steinman’s Deconstructing Dinner. From dumpster diving to world grain prices to local food, three of our authors and a subject-specific guest explore a potluck of issues and ideas. Listen on our website.

In 1970s New Brunswick, a nine-year-old girl wakes to World War II bomber planes roaring over her house. Their “bombs” are pesticides. Their “targets,” spruce budworm. Listen to an audio recording of Kate Kerr’s Letter from New Brunswick “What a Mum Does“”.

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