Life Without Plastic

LifeWithoutPlastic (LWP) was born when our son arrived in this world. For him, we sought non-fragile alternatives to plastic for his bottles, cups and dishes. A primal instinct of any young child is to experience life through the mouth – taste and texture. Our son was no different, and the thought of him regularly sucking on plastic made us cringe.

All plastics gas off and leach chemicals. We were aware of the long-term and possibly acute, depending on the person health concerns with chemicals leaching from plastic products into the food and liquids they contain. We understood that such dangers are amplified in tiny new people with developing and utterly vulnerable body systems. Little did we know that durable and versatile alternatives to plastic are few and far between in a North American and global society addicted to plastic.
As we searched, we quickly noticed that others were also searching for plastic alternatives, and some progressive jurisdictions (California, Oregon, New York) were introducing legislation to ban the use of certain types of plastic because of health and environmental concerns.
Alternatives do exist, and LWP is our effort to try and expose as many people as possible to those alternatives. LWP is the result of our ongoing research and efforts to find healthy and environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic for key products in the home. We are an Internet-based retailer and distributor offering customers around the world non-plastic alternatives for day-to-day products such as water bottles, food storage containers and children’s dishes, bottles and cups.
We believe that change is always possible at all levels by all beings. We hope you will join us in some positive, luminous change.
Chantal and Jay

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