Welcome to Doomsday

Welcome to Doomsday is a passionate call to save the planet from the forces not only of greed and exploitation but from those who associate its destruction with a spiritual apocalypse.

The influence of the evangelical Christian right on the Bush administration has had a mostly unnoticed impact on America’s environmental policy. While some take God?s granting of dominion over the earth to man as a call to good stewardship of our planet, many evangelicals distrust science and disdain environmental protections. They live in anticipation of one event: the Rapture, when Christ will return to cleanse the earth while the true believers are transported to heaven. For those who believe that the Rapture and the destruction of the world are imminent, there is no need to be concerned about saving the planet from environmental catastrophe.
Welcome to Doomsday is an investigation into the coupling of ideology and theology, in particular the intrusion of religion into political life, in America today. Global climate change is a rapid, possibly irreversible occurrence, yet the stance taken by the White House in both international and domestic arenas is one of both ignorance and disbelief. Appeasing the influential agendas of corporations, as well as the uncompromising dominant beliefs of evangelical groups, the Bush administration has firmly established a disastrous record of ignoring the urgency of potentially devastating changing climate.
Written by the compelling and articulate Bill Moyers, this is essential reading for anyone interested in the current dismal state of environmental policy as well as in the growing power of the evangelical movement in the United States.
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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Doomsday

  1. I just read the speech and thought that Moyers was saying that even more than there being “no need to be concerned about saving the planet from environmental catastrophe,” this part of the evangelical right actually believes that environmental degradation hastens the coming of the Rapture or at least is a sign of its impending arrival.
    I thought he could have done a better job of highlighting those evangelicals who are pro-environment – like Rick Warren and others.


  2. Mr. F. Los
    and the New York Review of Books
    RE: Welcome to Doomsday article
    Dear Mr. Los:
    Your article starts off on the aberrant premise that religion intrudes into political life and action. Actually,
    Christianity transcends po-litical life and action in our still-fallen (awaiting-the-redemption of the Messiah Jesus) world. I am a Christian Eschatological writer who authored Alienated Planet Earth and the End that Will be coming to Our World (ISBN: 1412050154)in 2005. The secular efforts of contemporary humankind will be drawfed by the
    Messiah’s return to earth to rule and reign over the planet righteously for one thousand years initially and over our universe forevermore. Your immediate concerns are with the trees and plants on earth, but scripture reveals that our earth is prophesied to be burnt-up after 1,000 years and replaced with a new heaven and a new earth. So your concerns are somewhat moot. Secular humanists and scientists do not have the answers and knowledge needed to be good stewards over the plant kingdom yet.
    These will be revealed by the Lord Jesus when He rules and reigns on earth with His faithful believers. Before His 2nd coming, the scriptures re-veal that He comes to save His faithful in the Rapture (by taking them out of the evil, fallen world) before the Tribulation and the Great
    Tribulation by taking whosoever believes in Him to Heaven before the antichrist is revealed. Jesus spoke of this event in Luke 17: verses 34 through 36 and in Matthew 24: verses 40 and 41. About 7 years after rapturing His Faithful to heaven, the Lord Jesus comes together from heaven with His Faithful Saints from all times and His Faithful Angels to save the Planet Earth from destruction by Satan, the antichrist and his fallen demonic angels.
    Your concerns are strictly from a temporal (rather than an eternal)
    perspective so that you have become blinded to the far more comprehensive view of historical events which will be affected by the Messiah’s Second Coming
    in power and glory to rule
    this still fallen world in His vast Universe.


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