Shell CEO berates America for spurning Kyoto

The chief executive for Shell berated Washington on Monday for spurning the United Nation’s Kyoto agreement on global warming, saying U.S. backing for a global regulatory framework would create incentives for oil companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

?For us as a company, the debate about CO2 is over. We’ve entered a debate about what we can do about it,? Royal Dutch Shell PLC chief Jeroen Van Der Veer told a gathering of hundreds of political and business leaders from the Middle East and elsewhere.
Mr. Van Der Veer was asked by an American attending the Arab Strategy Forum whether the energy company’s business plans were being hurt by the global backlash against global warming, and the carbon dioxide emissions from burning oil-based fuels considered the prime cause.
Mr. Van Der Veer said energy companies would be ready to partner with governments to solve the carbon problem if there was a worldwide framework to bind governments to the same standards. He said Kyoto protocol, which focuses on 35 industrial countries, was a good start.

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