Policy Options (October 2006) – Climate Change

Eleven authors, including Katherine Cinq-Mars and Robin Sears, look at the many challenges posed by climate change.

Table of Contents
# “What in the world does ‘economic development’ mean?” by Todd Hirsch
Related issues of interest: December 2005-January 2006 (Global warming), December 2002-January 2003 (The Kyoto treaty) and May 1998 (Climate change)
# “The politics of climate change: from one government to the next” by Robin V. Sears
# “Improving Canada’s climate change performance” by Katherine Cinq-Mars
# “An integrated approach to air pollution, climate and weather hazards” by Gordon McBean
# “Canada’s climate change dilemma and how to solve it” by St?phane Dion
# “Cities ‘LEED’ the way in green policies” by David Miller
# “Cities and climate change: policy-takers not policy-makers” by Andrew Sancton
# “Le d?veloppement durable ? l’heure de la d?r?glementation : impasse en vue” by Pierre-Luc Gagnon
# “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: some Canadian success stories” by Karen Kun and Toby Heaps
# “Walking the walk on climate change: a business case study” by Daniel Gagnier
# “When Canada led the way: a short history of climate change” by Elizabeth May
# “Massive power in a tiny beetle” by Roger Gibbins
# “Remembering Robert Bourassa” by John Parisella
# “Petite enfance et sant? ?motionnelle : l’importance du d?pistage” by Raymond H. Baillargeon
# “Waiting for Conservative trade policy” by Michael Hart and Bill Dymond
# “And the Mambo Kings will live on: Cuba after Fidel” by Julia Sagebien
# “Innovation and productivity: the need for an intellectual architect” by E. Richard Gold
# “The UN: if it didn’t exist, we would have to invent it” by Paul Heinbecker
# “Taking campaign finance reform to the next level” by Tom Kent
# Book review: Michel Sarra-Bournet reviews Pierre Elliott Trudeau. L’intellectuel et le politique by Andr? Burelle
# “Silence, on se bat !” by Alain No?l
# “Quand la beaut? du monde ne suffit pas” by Jean Lemire

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