URGENT: Act now to protect Canada from climate change!

Canada?s international reputation was seriously damaged earlier this week at a United Nations climate change conference held in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Government of Canada failed to deliver a credible and effective climate change action plan at the conference. Canada is the only member of the Kyoto Protocol that is refusing to meet binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as required under the international agreement .

The European Union’s environment commissioner said that many were puzzled about the Canadian plan. France’s Environment Minister, Nelly Olin, said, “It’s a shock for us, it’s a shock for all those who signed on to Kyoto, but it’s mostly a shock for Canadians today, who seem to be leaning more towards Kyoto than anything else.”
You can get Canada back on track to meeting the goals of the Kyoto Protocol.
Call or write your local MP toll-free at 1-866-599-4999 today.
Tell them:
* It?s time to put a credible climate change plan into action that upholds our commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and shows the rest of the world that we’re serious about global warming.
* The federal government needs to regulate a reduction of pollution from heavy industry because this accounts for half of Canada?s greenhouse gas emissions.
To find your MP?s local office, visit: http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/about/people/house/PostalCode.asp
Contact Prime Minister Stephen Harper
By mail (postage-free): House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6;
fax: 613-941-6900; or e-mail: pm@pm.gc.ca

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