Time to get serious about Canadian environmental policy

TORONTO, Nov. 15 /CNW/ – Canadians have indicated that the environment is their second biggest priority, right behind health care. A full 71% believe that the Conservatives have not gone far enough on the issue. But what more can we do?

Mike Moffatt, President of economics consulting firm Neoclassical Economics Inc., believes the answer is to shift taxation away from beneficial activities such as work effort and towards polluting activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels. With these changes, Canada can reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases while at the same time stimulating economic
growth through more efficient taxation.
The idea has gained a great deal of publicity from an elite group of 28 economists and pundits named the Pigou Club, formed by Harvard economist Dr. Greg Mankiw and which includes Mr. Moffatt as well Al Gore, David Frum, Alan Greenspan, and Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker.
These ideas are not popular with everyone – Financial Post editor Terence Corcoran has started a NoPigou Club in order to combat what they see as “Environmental Totalitarianism”. Moffatt believes Mr. Corcoran’s objections are misguided:
“I challenge Mr. Corcoran to a debate on the issue of the future of environmental policy in Canada. Canadians have shown they are not willing to ignore the environment, but the NoPigou club has not provided any alternative ideas to what we have promoted.”
Canadians wish not to fall further behind the Americans on the issue. We hope the NoPigou club will accept this challenge, and begin a constructive debate, so we can begin to develop economic friendly environmental policy.
For further information: Press Contact: Mike Moffatt, President –
Neoclassical Economics Inc., Phone: (519) 488-5249, Email:

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