Caribou Under Threat

Woodland caribou represent Canada’s natural legacy, but their population is in steady decline due to expanding industrial development in the boreal forest.

Woodland caribou are canaries in the forest coal mine. Where forests have been transformed through logging, mining, roads, and other human activities, woodland caribou have steadily declined–or disappeared altogether. They require large areas of undisturbed forest both to avoid predators and to find the old-growth dependent lichens that are the mainstay of their winter diet.
As the number of Canada’s boreal woodland caribou continues to dwindle, federal, provincial and territorial governments are failing to take action that could safeguard their survival.
In fact, in Ontario, the provincial government continues to promote industrial activities in critical caribou habitat and delays taking the necessary steps to protect this species.
You can help save this iconic species:
Take Action!
-Send a letter urging the government to protect woodland caribou
-Sign up for our email action alerts
-Become a member of CPAWS Wildlands League
-Purchase one of our cuddly caribou
-Write a letter to the editor about the issue
-Book a Wildlands League caribou presentation for your group
-Learn more about woodland caribou
-Tell your friends

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