Amory Lovins Q&A on Nuclear Power

The Star recently had the opportunity to speak with Lovins at his office in Snowmass, Colorado.
Listen to the podcast or view the text version below.

For environmentalists and power industry executives, Amory Lovins needs no introduction. Since the early 1970s, the Oxford-educated physicist has been an outspoken advocate of energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies — what Lovins first coined as “soft energy paths.”
At the same time, Lovins has been a vocal critic of nuclear technology and the idea that big, central power stations represent a silver bullet to our future energy needs. He has worked with the former Science Council of Canada and has consulted for governments and corporations around the world, including provinces and utilities across Canada. In fact, the chairman of his not-for-profit research organization, the Rocky Mountain Institute, is John C. Fox, former chief operating officer of Ontario Power Generation.

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