Metrogreen: Connecting Open Space in North American Cities

In metropolitan areas across the country, you can hear the laments over the loss of green space to new subdivisions and strip malls. But some city residents have taken unprecedented measures to protect their open land, and a growing movement seeks not only to preserve these lands but to link them in green corridors.

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Many land-use and urban planning professionals, along with landscape architects and environmental advocates, have joined in efforts to preserve natural areas. MetroGreen answers their call for a deeper exploration of the latest thinking and newest practices in this growing
conservation field. In ten case studies of U.S. and Canadian cities paired for comparative analysis-Toronto and Chicago, Calgary and
Denver, and Vancouver and Portland among them-Erickson looks closely at the motivations and objectives for connecting open spaces
across metropolitan areas. She documents how open-space networks have been successfully created and protected, while also highlighting
the critical human and ecological benefits of connectivity.
MetroGreen’s unique focus on several cities rather than a single urban area offers a perspective on the political, economic, cultural, and
environmental conditions that affect open-space planning and the outcomes of its implementation.
Preface and Acknowledgements Part I. Open-Space Networks for Metropolitan Regions Chapter 1. Connected Open Space: The Metropolitan Scale. Chapter 2. Learning from City Stories: Ten Case Study Comparisons Part II. Connectivity and Human Ecological Planning Chapter 3. Ecology – Home: Toronto and Chicago Chapter 4. Recreation – Well Being: Milwaukee and Ottawa Chapter 5. Transportation – Movement: Calgary and Denver Chapter 6. Community – Neighborhood: Vancouver and Portland Chapter 7. Green Infrastructure – Hard Working City Systems Minneapolis and Cleveland Part III. Synthesis: Key Ingredients, Challenges, and Strategic Trends Chapter 8. Lessons for Realizing Connected Open-Space Networks in North American Cities Notes References

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