Greens woo ousted MP Turner

Could Garth Turner, the ejected Conservative from Halton, be the first Green party MP in the House of Commons?

Greens leader Elizabeth May told the Star she is “absolutely” ready to make the invitation and Turner, interviewed last evening, said he might be interested, after he’s talked to his constituents about his abrupt ouster from Tory ranks yesterday.
If Turner does go Green, Prime Minister Stephen Harper might find that a simple act of caucus discipline, as it was billed, could alter the political landscape.

One thought on “Greens woo ousted MP Turner

  1. The other day I received an email from a fellow blogger, asking me what I thought about the Garth Turner situation. I replied as follows…
    “I only know what I see in the papers, but I think Garth is all about, well… Garth. He obviously feels his own needs, whether it’s just ego, or a totally separate agenda, are more important than the party line.”
    Do I think he was unfairly booted out of caucus? Lemme put it this way… if he was an outlaw biker, he’d be lyin’ in a shallow grave with a small hole behind his ear.


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