Hollyhock Cooks

This is Hollyhock. Located on Cortes Island in British Columbia?s Georgia Strait, Hollyhock is about nourishing those who work to make the world a better place. It has been attracting visitors like bees to honey for the past twenty-five years ? partly because of its delicious food.

Maharaji said that we should eat only food cooked with love.The food at Hollyhock is tasty, cooked with care and love.I take away a soft sweetness and a fat stomach!– Ram Dass
Imagine a luxury retreat center nestled in the tall forest of an island paradise where the sea laps at the beach below. Now add the most delicious food imaginable, created by a host of talented artist-cooks using vegetables and flowers gathered from the center?s lush gardens, and presented with delicate care. Then think of the most well-known names from the body, mind, and soul circuit who frequently teach here, and the guests who hail from the furthest reaches of the continent?.
Now, for the first time, Hollyhock Cooks showcases the best of its globally influenced cuisine, with over 200 recipes including everything from soups and salads to entr?es, sauces and spreads, desserts, and drinks. Special chapters focus on how to combine garden with kitchen, and on secrets for cooking for a crowd. And interspersed throughout are comments from the famous Hollyhock presenters — Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Bly, Joan Borysenko and more — on their very favorite dishes.

Moreka Jolar has worked with cooks at Hollyhock to collect and test their best recipes. Linda Solomon is an award-winning journalist and freelancer whose work has been widely published; she is also a contributing editor to Body and Soul Magazine. And Maria Robledo is one of New York?s best-known food photographers. All spend as much time as possible on Cortes Island in British Columbia.

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