Shell Conservation Internship Program

Become a Shell Conservation Intern for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is offering university and college students an opportunity to put their environmental science knowledge to work this summer on some of Canada’s most ecologically significant landscapes.
Each summer, NCC hires 18 students to carry out on-the-ground stewardship tasks at locations across the country. Working on one of NCC’s 1,700 properties could take you along Canadian shorelines, to the top of mountains or through prairie grasses. Collect animal movement data, develop land management plans or learn to control invasive plant species. Let the team at Canada’s leading conservation organization help you build valuable experience.
NCC is a non-profit, non-advocacy organization that takes a business-like approach to preserving Canada’s natural heritage. Our focus is on conservation through private action.
The Shell Conservation Internship Program is made possible by support from Shell Canada Limited. A partner in conservation with NCC for almost 25 years, Shell Canada has donated more than $4 million in financial resources, land and mineral rights to NCC.

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