Modeling the Environment: An Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling of Environmental Systems

Modeling the Environment is the first introductory textbook for a technique of rapidly growing importance. It requires little or no mathematical background, and is appropriate for undergraduate environmental students as well as professionals new to modelling. Developed from the author’s own introductory course, it is classroom-tested and represents an important contribution to the field of system dynamics.

Andrew Ford has developed an ancillary website for students and instructor’s using Modeling the Environment. This site provides a collection of additional exercises as well additional case study information. Also included are the preface, table of contents, appendix, and opening paragraph from each chapter of this book.

Modeling techniques that allow managers and researchers to see in advance the consequences of actions and policies are becoming increasingly important to environmental management. The models produced are vital analytical tools that aid the policy-setting and implementation process, and help us to understand how environmental systems respond to management interventions.

Modeling the Environment is a basic introduction to one of the most widely known and used modeling techniques, system dynamics. The book is designed to build the skills of students as they progress from learning fundamental ideas to constructing models of increasing complexity. Written in a clear and comprehensible style, the book:

presents basic concepts of modeling using system dynamics
illustrates the mechanics of model construction through a range of working models;
offers a rich array of exercises for students to use in applying the principles and techniques described in the text; walks students through the design and application of models of specific types of environmental systems

In addition, the book contains more than 300 figures and model illustrations, and provides a guide to an interactive website where students can use the text to “”navigate”” management flight simulators ? models of both real and hypothetical systems developed by the author. The book also contains appendixes that help students review the necessary math, and which provide additional concepts and exercises for further study.

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