Farming with the Wild: Enhancing Biodiversity on Farms and Ranches

Though it is not widely recognized, modern industrial agriculture plays a major role in the rampant decline in biodiversity in the United States. Habitat destruction and fragmentation, displacement of native species and the introduction of exotic species, persecution of predators, and pollution of all kinds are just a few of its damaging ecological consequences.

Fortunately, a new vision for a more environmentally beneficial and sustainable agriculture is emerging. Such a vision begins with farms that gracefully meld within landscapes, pulsing with a wide range of native species. It combines implementation of landscape-level restoration efforts, natural systems farming research, and the community spirit of farmers’ markets and local watershed stakeholders.

Presenting an inspiring look at this new conservation-based agriculture, Farming with the Wild offers vivid profiles of more than thirty innovative farms, ranches, and organizations in the U.S., together with more than one hundred revealing full-color photographs. The result is an on-the-ground picture of a new agrarian movement that aims to provide healthier food to Americans while restoring healthy ecosystems across the country.

Dan Imhoff is the executive director of Watershed Media, a nonprofit communications agency located in Northern California, and a founding member of the Wild Farm Alliance. He and photographer/designer Roberto Carra have collaborated on three previous books: Building with Vision: Optimizing and Finding Alternatives to Wood; The SimpleLife Guide to Tree-Free, Recycled and Certified Papers; and Fat Tire: A Celebration of the Mountain Bike.

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