Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity with E.O. Wilson (with CD-ROM and User’s Guide) with Book

Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity is a pioneering educational tool based on the teachings and writings of renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson, and created and developed by science educator Dan Perlman.

The Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity CD-ROM is an entirely new way to study and teach conservation biology and environmental science. Created from the ground up to make the most of today’s multimedia technology, it provides a rich learning experience and a wealth of valuable information and materials ? including interactive models that allow learners to study dynamic systems, detailed maps, and links to resources on the World Wide Web ? that build upon and enhance traditional approaches to the subject.

The program’s insightful pedagogy combined with a unique use of multimedia makes it an ideal complement to any standard textbook.

Edward O. Wilson is University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. Arguably the most important evolutionary biologist of his time, he has made seminal contributions to the study of evolution and ecology, created the field of sociobiology, and was one of the earliest voices to speak out about biodiversity loss. Among his books are Sociobiology (Harvard, 1975), The Diversity of Life (Harvard, 1992), and Consilience (Knopf, 1998). Books published by Island Press are Naturalist (1994) and In Search of Nature (1996).

Dan L. Perlman has taught conservation biology at Harvard University for nine years, in addition to teaching all ages from pre-school to post-graduate education for college professors and professionals. He has designed curricula, co-authored with Glenn Adelson the textbook Biodiversity: Exploring Values and Priorities in Conservation (Blackwell, 1997), and is a nature photographer and former systems analyst.

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