Help CPAWS protect Alberta’s Castle Wilderness

Along the spine of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta lies a narrow ribbon of forested land called The Castle Wilderness. It is an ecosystem rich in unique landscapes and unusual natural features. It is a place of spiritual, recreational and wildlife values, but perhaps most important, it is a place that contains one of the highest animal and plant species diversity in Alberta. More than 120 provincially rare plant species can be found in the Castle, 38 of which are nationally rare. Because of its rich habitat diversity 59 species of mammals can be found here. Some, such as cougar, wolf, wolverine and grizzly bear, are species whose survival in this region is threatened by human activities. Despite being only 4% of the Oldman River Watershed, the region produces a whopping 30% of the Oldman River’s water supply!
You can help turn things around for the Castle Wilderness! Join CPAWS and other conservation groups in asking the government to protect the Castle in the name of the late Alberta conservation icon Andy Russell and in honour of the Piikani First Nation who have used the area for millennia. By supporting the Andy Russell – I’tai sah kop Wildland Park Initiative, you’ll be adding your voice to a chorus of concerned Canadians that includes public figures like the Right Honorable Joe Clark, Ian Tyson, Sid Marty, Farley Mowatt, Dr. David Schindler and many more.

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