The Weather Makers

Rarely has there been a time when the fate of every one of the earth?s inhabitants has been in peril. Such is our present age.

This generation of decision makers and consumers will, one way or another, decide the future of the planet. What you see around you?and what you are living in?is a world that is being rapidly and irrevocably degraded by an invisible, odourless gas. It accumulates every time you drive your car, cook a meal or turn on a light. These are seemingly benign acts, but multiply those mundane daily actions six billionfold and the accumulation of injury to our environment becomes frighteningly clear.
In this groundbreaking new book, already met with international acclaim, scientist Tim Flannery argues passionately for the need to address?now?the implications of a global change that is damaging all life on earth and threatening our very survival. This book is unimpeachable in its authority, deftly and accessibly written, and penetrating in its vision of what each of us can do to avoid catastrophe. It is a global call to arms, laying out plainly what we know and what we can do to make a difference before it?s too late.

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