The Renewable Planet ? It?s Where You Live

on launched this week provides interactive maps and search features to access details about renewable energy projects. Students can quickly do research for school projects. Homeowners can find information that relates to their own home. Businesses and researchers can learn from existing projects in other countries. gives visitors the opportunity to add their project to the growing database of projects. This free exchange of information from around the world aims to speed up renewable energy development and ultimately reduce the effects of global warming.

There is no resource currently like this, providing objective worldwide renewable energy information in an easy to use accessible format. Photos and direct links are provided for each project for easy access to further information. Environmentally conscious and concerned citizens can now research and discover renewable energy projects around the globe, as well as exchange ideas and resources to develop a greater knowledge of renewable energy.
In the fight against global warming, focuses on the renewable energy solutions already being implemented by many people. Visitors can not only look up the different amount and variety of renewable energy projects occurring around the world but they also have the ability to upload renewable energy projects they are involved with or are aware of to the growing list of projects listed on the website. includes a map of renewable energy projects, a community forum, newsletter, a resource center and the project up-loader.
Interactive Features
Learn about renewable energy by reading about the projects showcased
Add your project to help others learn
Participate in renewable energy discussions on the related forums
Utilize the advanced search for further research and sourcing about projects
Browse the resource center with links for local and government organizations
Sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch about renewable energy projects
How can you help? is dynamically evolving. The projects listed are a sampling of renewable energy projects. This includes generating power from the sun, wind, biomass, geothermal, small hydro and ocean energy. Do you know of a renewable energy project in your part of the world? Add a project and become part of
We hope that this information will stimulate greater interest in renewable energy. We also want to support the exchange of ideas. We encourage others to submit their own project and help build this site to become a leading resource on current and planned renewable energy projects.
Climate Change
The planet is capable of renewing itself with a little help from each of us. After all, it?s the only place we have to live.
Katy McEwen
Project Coordinator
519-837-4436 x248

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  1. At the large (and I mean large) renewable/sustainable show in Frankfurt Germany, at the beginning of March/07, it was remarkable to see what is happening in the EU. As we move to our Greening accomplishments in North America, our lack of education/knowledge in this field is quite apparent. Most of the written material is not available in English. Not so any more. A new magazine ?Sun & Wind Energy? will keep us up to date. It is an English version of ?Sonne Wind & W?rme?. 2 English issues were produced in 2006 and 4 will be produced in 2007. You can get your free copy: or check out their web.


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