News Clips from Electric Green – July 1, 2006


– Canada passes 1,000MW of installed wind energy capacity… Newswire

Capital gains tax removed from donations of ecological gifts… Ontario Nature
– Hinterland Who’s who launches boreal forest PSA… Newswire
– Ontario’s commercial chillers going CFC free… FoE

– Funding for environmentally friendly transportation projects… Newswire

– Grandmother launches climate crisis journey… Newswire
– Province battles ND again over Devils Lake water… CBC

– US senator commends Ontario’s environmental policy… CBC
– New Ontario provincial parks and conservation
reserves act… Ontario

– Methanex, Encana violate 34-year old tanker moratorium… CPAWS

Groups launch legal first test of Ontario’s new land-use
planning regime… Sierra Legal
– Last chance to save Lake Simcoe?… Ontario Nature
– New opinion poll shows high level of concern for
Devils Lake… FoE

– 28 new provincial parks and conservation reserves… MNR

– Status of 2 endangered species and their habitats improve… MNR ON

NWT takes lead role in air quality
monitoring… ENR

– Ontario to get additional landfill capacity… ENE ON
– Ontario’s proposed ozone depleting substances regulation… ENE ON
– Forty communities, province take action against Dutch
elm disease… Gov

Whitehorse voters support greenspace
bylaw… CBC

– Lunenburg Community recycling facility receives funding… Gov

Network of sensors to track ocean animals… CBC<

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