News Clips from Electric Green – June 24, 2006


– Harper goverment given failing grade on climate change… CBC
– Tory Kyoto policy spooks federal policy… CBC ON
– Ontario to expand nuclear renewable power generation… CBC ON
– Environmental watchdog slams Ontario for evading nuclear
review… CBC
– Emissions cuts possible without damaging economy: study… CBC

– Sentencing in landmark environmental law case… Newswire
– New centre to combine Batemans art and environmental
education… CBC BC
– Ontario releases plan to curb sprawl…Earthroots
Minister proposes to add 42 species to SARA… Environment

– Environmental groups surprised by cuts to green
team funding… CBC MB

– Crews cleaning up diesel spill on northern lake… CBC

– Energy efficiency plan could drive up costs of homes… CBC ON
– Reduce night flights to curb climate change:metereologists… CBC
– Help reopen the Frost Centre… Friends of the Frost

New wind-power facility officially opens… CBC

– High marks for island from Sierra Club… CBC PEI
– Whitehorse gears up for greenspace vote… CBC North
– Support a better Ontario building code… Better Building

– Environmental cleanup launched at Harbour Breton… CBC

– Government of Ontario bans bicycles from provincial
parks.. BTAC

– Calgary osprey egg hatches online… CBC AB

Research institute to probe animal, health, environment
links… CBC

– QC petroleum companies to pay green tax… CBC

– Beach parking plan draws criticism… CBC PEI

New policy aims to curb carbon emissions… CBC

Delta airport expansion could endanger birds… CBC

Royal Victoria Hospital destroys protected green space
for parking lot… CBC

Scientist backpacks into bush with baby salmon… CBC


– Super ethanol is on its way… CNN
– Scientists urge G8 not to ignore global warming… ENN
– Giant panda’s future looks brighter… Planet Ark
– New hope for Madagascar’s rare birds… Planet Ark

– Thawing permafrost could unleash tons of carbon… ENN
– Earth is hottest its been in 2000 years… ENN
– Oldest animal in the world dies age 175… CBC
– Swansong feared for Britain’s Royal birds… Planet Ark

– Gore to train 1000 to spread word about climate… ENN

UN scheme to save 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas… ENN
– Experts tracking coral reef killers… CBS
– Polar bears may turn to cannabalism… CBS

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