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Read what people have been saying about thegreenpages.ca!

"If you come
over to Montreal, we can arrange an accommodation for you
for free!!! I want also make a donation for your
organization. What you do is fantastic, and (it is) really
worth it. Congratulations for your wonderful work. Since I
know your website few weeks ago, I found it very useful
information for my work, and I will make a link to your
website too. I hope you have some help to put together all
this valuable and synthesized information."


"Just a note to say thanks so
much for featuring Tamarack on the Ontario portal page of
thegreenpages.ca. That link has brought more than 200 visitors
to our site thus far and helped us to achieve some of our
highest stats last month (over 3000 unique visitors and 285308
hits). When we saw that you linked us, we changed our content
on one of our main pages to point people to the Environmental
Restoration section on our site. Thanks for keeping us
Louise Kearney
Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement


"It is
remarkable that a single student, on his own time, has put so
much time and effort into creating an amazing resource for
Canadian students. By showing such a wealth of information,
thegreenpages.ca shows students and the public the many
different ways that they can become involved with
environmental groups….. he has been able to articulate a
distinctly Canadian perspective among the sea of information
which makes up the internet. Rex has continued to maintain and
expand the site, even as he studies full-time towards a
Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. He
continues to support the non-profit sector by developing and
maintaining websites for organizations such as the
Environmental Studies Association of Canada and the Canadian
Biosphere Reserves Association".
Andrew Smith
Recruitment & Publications Co-ordinator
Faculty of Environmental Studies
University of Waterloo


"The internet is too vast to
spend my limited time looking for quality Canadian
environmental news and resources. thegreenpages helps me out
by only searching through recommended resources submitted by
experts, professionals, and like minded people from across
Canada. All news, events, and resources are even categorized
by subject and province!!!! Amazing!!! If I know a specific
name of a web site, of course I will use Google or AltaVista
to find the right URL, but most of the time I do not know the
name of the organization – I just know what type (subject) of
organization or information I need to find and I do not need
to find resources in the U.S. or get irrelevant search
results. Everything is archived so I can always get ideas. Thank you greenpages for making this easy. HELP BUILD
Anonymous frustrated

?If your looking for up-to-date
information about any number of environmental issues or
initiatives, thegreenpages.ca is as good as it gets! As a
professional in the environmental sector, I rely on the site
for its extensive resources, quality and ease of use. I will
continue to do so well into the future!?
R. Ancelin, Environmental

"Rex has been a great asset
to communicating the complicated issues around
the Manitoba Bovine Tuberculosis Management Program. His
skills and
dedication have enabled us to present important information in
a well-designed and attractive website. He is professional,
and he took the time to understand our issue in order that the
information could be presented in the most logical way. I can
safely say that the TB issue would not have the web presence
that we do if it weren’t for Rex."
Ken Kingdon
Communications Officer, Wildlife Health
Riding Mountain National Park



"Since the
beginning of my University studies at the University of
Ottawa, I have relied on thegreenpages.ca for accurate, up to
date information on a variety of environmental issues that are
important to me. I found the website so helpful that in 2001,
I volunteered some of my own time to help out with a couple of
the websites sections (book review and student initiatives). I
am now doing my M.Sc. at the University of Alberta and I still
rely on thegreenpages.ca for all my environmental information
needs, whether it be the latest news links, environmental
events, resource directory or simply the quote of the day!
Shawn Leroux
Master of Science Candidate, Edmonton

"Rex has been the web master for the Canadian Biosphere
Reserves Association for over three years, since the CBRA web
site was developed. Previous to this, he worked to develop the
Canada MAB (Man and Biosphere) web site that incorporated
material on biosphere reserves. In all this time, he has been
a keen participant in the Biosphere Reserves Program in
Canada. His approach to the web site has been intelligent and
appealing. Rex has used his initiative, as a volunteer, to
find information pertinent to the program and put this
together with material submitted by committees of the various
biosphere reserves in Canada. He also works readily with CBRA
Directors on updating the site. The result of Rex?s
collaborative effort is an attractive and improving electronic
window to the program."
Jim Birtch
Executive Secretary
Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association

"thegreenpages.ca continues to be an outstanding user-friendly
resource that adheres to its mission of providing a reference
portal for like-minded people across the country and beyond.
The home page presents a healthy balance between current
environmental issues and inspiring sustainable and ecological
initiatives, while the rest of the website is a logically
organized A-Z Canadian environmental reference source. As if
this is not enough, Rex has been invaluable in raising
awareness about our program by putting us "in the spotlight"
and promoting our events. Thank you!"
Bronwen Smith
On behalf of "Volunteer for Nature"
and the Nature Conservancy of Canada

"I actually stumbled upon this
website through a search engine (Google), and find it very
interesting and comprehensive!"
Toronto Animal Rights
Society Volunteer

"I think the site is great! Lots
of local and relevant info. I am so impressed, that I would
like to volunteer with you."
UBC Engineering Student

"As both a
student of environmental studies and a concerned Canadian,
thegreenpages have become my main source of information on the
net. It provides relevant information and resources for
environmental research, as well as the most up to date
Canadian and World news. While being overseas, this was
extremely helpful in keeping me informed and concerned. I
don?t believe any other resource on the net is so varied and
yet informative ? and let?s not forget easy to use. A sincere
Laura Pietsch
Candidate – University of Waterloo (study abroad in Australia)

I have been using
?thegreenpages.ca? for over two years now. Over that time, I
have matured from a University student in Environmental &
Resources Studies to a professional in the Economic
Development field. I must admit that ‘thegreenpages.ca’ has
been the ‘most’ useful resource for current and relevant
environmental information and news anywhere on the internet.
The Canadian focus, plethora of topical coverage, and current
events on the website has been invaluable in both my academic
and work settings.

With the emergence of an increased global environmental
consciousness; ?thegreenpages.ca? is topical, relevant and
innovative from concept/design to the information presented
and has allowed me to stay abreast on environmental issues
from a grassroots to a professional perspective.

I commend and congratulate the creator ‘Rex Turgano’ for
developing a website that seeks to enlighten and enhance my
understanding of environmental issues. I appreciate the site
you have created Rex and thank you for providing information
that is vital in creating visions for a cleaner planet today
and in the future…
Preet S Jaswal
‘Lifetime ‘thegreenpages.ca’ visitor’

"The support and
information offered by thegreenpages.ca for anyone entering an
environmental field is amazing. The pages are filled with
information and opportunities that would be hard to find
elsewhere. For someone just starting out, thegreenpages.ca
gave me the outlet and support I needed to gain confidence in
my field."
Laura DAmelio
Master of Environmental Studies student, Environmental
Communications and Journalism,
York University

"thegreenpages.ca has distinguished itself as a vibrant online
community and vital resource for anyone interested in
environmental issues in Canada. A large part of the success of
this site has been fueled by Rex Turgano’s infectious
enthusiasm, creativity and dedication. I’ve enjoyed working
with him and commend his tremendous efforts".
Vicki Ziegler
Principal, Ziegler, Mitchell and Associates Inc.
and Web Manager, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

thegreenpages.ca, we have the opportunity to enlighten,
engage, and educate people across Canada and around the world on
environmental issues that affect our lives.

We hope that by
increasing understanding, awareness, and sharing success
stories, we can help
foster global change?and begin to realize our obligation to
future generations.

Kind regards…

Rex Turgano
Founder and Editor

accomplishments, and

(the little web
site that could….)
In less than 2 years with very little or no funding at all,
thegreenpages.ca received over 5000 unique visitors a month
and has been recommended by over 200 environmental
organizations from across Canada and around the world. There
are over 1500 web resources in our database and a consistent
flow of environment-related events and action alerts submitted
to our web site on a weekly basis.

– by Matthew Van Dongen – Charlatan Staff, Carleton University

submitted for an Canadian Environmental Awards (Canadian
Geographic) – Environmental Learning Category by the Faculty
of Environmental Studies – University of Waterloo (2003, 2004).

Recognition given in the University of Waterloo 2002 Annual


of Canada on the Web
– Canadian Geographic insert.
(Nov. / Dec. 2000).
Pages, which is expected to launch officially on Earth Day
2001 (April 22), is designed by and for students. The site has
already compiled over 900 Canadian-based environmental links
in more than 60 categories, ranging from aboriginal rights to
genetically modified foods." By Ian Connacher


UW student greens up the Web
– Tiffany Murray special to
Imprint, University of Waterloo

Nominated for
Canadian New Media 2001 volunteer of the year award – Rex


Environmental Citizenship Award Recipient (2000) – Given by
Environment Minister Hon. David Anderson


Environmental Politics in Canada
Politics in Canada – Managing the Commons into the 21st
Century by Judith McKenzie, Department of Political
Science, University of Guelph. Publication date: October 2001

Examines Canada’s role in
the international arena as a participant in the movement
toward international protocols on issues such as ocean
pollution and acid rain and offers some views on whether
Canada is on the right track in moving towards the
sustainability of the commons and the prudent management of
our natural resources. 
* thegreenpages.ca is mentioned.

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