Wanted: home for 70 tonnes of sewage sludge

Wastewater Plant in Edmonton Canada
Image by Pam_Broviak via Flickr

Every day, close to 20 semi-loads of sludge from Winnipeg’s water and waste department are trucked out to be spread on farmers’ fields northwest of the city. The city’s been disposing of “bio-solids” this way since the 1930s – but now it’s looking at alternatives.

Original link from the CBC: http://winnipeg.cbc.ca/template/servlet/View?filename=mb_waste020813


One thought on “Wanted: home for 70 tonnes of sewage sludge

  1. Wow, I cannot believe this…..I just watched the documentary “Crapshoot” which depicts this harmful process of getting rid of the sludge that comes with having a water/sewage treatment plant. Does “Peak of the Market” grow their “wholesome, home-grown” food on these farms? I certainly hope not. Unbelievable, in Alberta they mix their garbage with their sludge and used to sell it as “nutriplus” fertilizer, listing the nutrients on the back but not the heavy metals etc. and they still sell it but not as “Nutriplus.”


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