Wild about gardening – Canadian Wildlife Federation

Gardening in Canada for wildlife and for you. For beginners to experts, this Canadian Wildlife Federation site is packed with information on planning your garden, choosing plants, and welcoming wildlife. Garden organically. Banish bothersome pests. Feed the birds. Join our gardening program for seniors. Choose native plants. Build houses for birds, bats, toads, and bees. Create a pond. Check out projects across the country. Read the latest article. Ask an expert. Start a community project. Join our gardening gab. And much more…

Updated URL link: https://cwf-fcf.org/en/explore/gardening-for-wildlife/

Highlights of the program:

Garden Habitat Certification – The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Garden Habitat Certification recognizes Canadians who make their home, school, business or community gardens suitable for wildlife by certifying their outdoor space as a “Wildlife-friendly Habitat”. View the video below:

Wildlife-friendly Gardening Workshops & Events – Learn about garden pollinators, attracting birds to your garden, and more!

Visit the Canadian Wildlife Federation at: https://cwf-fcf.org/

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