FernGully: The Last Rain­forest (1992)

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest DVD: Standard Edition
Synopsis: FernGully: The Last Rain­forest (1992)
A cute little
sprite named Crysta lives in a beautiful tropical rainforest. One day
she flies above the forest’s dense foliage to glimpse the outside
world, and while there, she becomes infatuated with a human named Zak.
He’s a nice enough fellow, but he also happens to be a workman on the
logging machine that threatens to destroy the lush and magical forest.
Crysta decides to shrink young Zak down to her size so that he can see
the world he is about to demolish from a different point of view.

romance develops between the two, and the couple eventually join forces
with some of Crysta’s wacky rainforest friends to battle the humans.
Unfortunately, our heroes have other enemies too: an evil woodland
spirit called Hexxus has arisen from his slumber and, in between snacks
of toxic waste, plans to destroy the forest.



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