We partner up with a lot of great organizations, helping each other share environmental information from coast-to-coast.

Alternatives Journal
Alternatives Journal, Canada’s national environmental magazine, delivers thoughtful analysis and intelligent debate on Canadian and world environmental issues, the latest news and ideas, as well as profiles of environmental leaders who are making a difference. Through our unique partnership, We have helped create online initiatives such as Green Book Reviews, thegreenstudents.ca, as well as played a major role in developing Alternatives Journal’s web presence since 1998. We consider the Alts-team our long-time friends.

Environmental Studies Association of Canada
The Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) is a Learned Society formed in 1993 to further research and teaching activities in areas related to environmental studies in Canada. ESAC is a non-profit, federally incorporated, bilingual organization open to members from across Canada and elsewhere.

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association of Canada
The Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association (CBRA) is an association of Canada’s 15 Canadian biosphere reserves. People in Canadian biosphere regions develop and promote innovative approaches to conservation and economic development. Canadian Biosphere Reserve communities live and work in balance with the biosphere — the land, water, and atmosphere that support life. People in biosphere regions recognize that high-quality economies require high-quality environments, and that conservation is important to both. thegreenpages.ca was there since the beginning of CBRA’s emergence on the World Wide Web and continues to play an advisory role played an instrumental role developing CBRA’s web presence.