Antelope-friendly Fences – June 25

Grassland Event

Keen on completing necessary conservation work? On Saturday, June 25th at 9:00am join us in the Pakowki Lake Natural Area near Medicine Hat to remove the first wire on fences surrounding a Nature Conservancy of Canada property to help pronghorn antelope roam freely across the landscape!

Become a force for nature this June by transforming hazardous barbed wire barriers into Pronghorn-friendly fences. Pronghorn, unlike deer and elk, will not jump over fences. Instead they attempt to go under and often sustain injury from low-hanging wires. By adjusting the height of the wires, you will help make the landscape safer for migrating Pronghorn. After a couple of hours of work, we will take you on a guided hike to a wetland with a spectacular view of the Sweetgrass Hills.

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