Alberta Council for Environmental Education

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) is proposing a new Elementary school science curriculum, and wants you to get involved.
ACEE recently convened two workshops (Edmonton and Calgary) for stakeholders to learn about the proposed curriculum, and you can view the synthesis of what 50 stakeholders said about…

Environmental education stakeholders have until March 27, 2009 to give Alberta Education feedback on this new curriculum. Visit the ACEE to find out how you can offer your insights.
You can view the Discussion Draft, a backgrounder, and other documents, on the Alberta Education website.
The Alberta Council for Environmental Education supports and complements the efforts of other environmental education organizations in Alberta, helping to develop strategic initiatives based on community needs.
The ACEE works with all three levels of government, corporations and industry associations, funders, schools, non-governmental organizations and citizens of all ages.

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