The Commissioner’s Report Says “We are not on an Environmentally Sustainable Path”

The Commissioner’s Report Says “We are not on an Environmentally Sustainable Path”

On February 5th, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development released his first Report to the House of Commons. In it, the Commissioner states that the government cannot demonstrate that some of its key environmental programs are making a difference.

The Report also says that environmental problems such as species extinction, risks to human health from environmental contamination and climate change are serious problems that governments and the public must face today. On a more positive note, the Commissioner recognizes that the federal government is moving in the right direction by providing Canadians with better information and encouraging changes in environmental behaviour.

Read the Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

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Calls for Input:

ENGO Views on the Convention on Biological Diversity

As a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Canada must report every four years on implementation of the Convention. Given that Canada’s 4th National Report will reflect the contributions of all relevant sectors of society, Environment Canada has requested the RCEN to conduct a survey to solicit ENGO views with respect to progress, challenges, lessons learned and biodiversity priorities in the post 2010 period.

Action Alert:
Tell Obama and Harper that Tar Sands Oil doesn’t fit in the New Energy Economy

Become an EcoLogo Program Advisory Committee Member

The EcoLogo Program, one of North America’s most respected and established multi-attribute environmental leadership standard and certification mark, is currently recruiting members for the EcoLogo Advisory Committee to help guide the revision of the EcoLogo standard for Renewable Low-Impact Electricity (CCD-003). The commitment period for committee members will last from approximately March to December 2009. Potential members should be knowledgeable about the renewable low-impact electricity sector, have a public track record in environmental leadership and an understanding of the current market. To apply, please send a short bio and letter of interest to Julie Baribeau at by Feb 17, 2009.

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