REAP Calgary

Check out REAP Calgary’s various articles to see how easy it is to take action and make Calgary a better place to live.
Here is a blurb from their web site:

“We’re a not-for-profit association of Calgary businesses that are concerned with issues of sustainability. We know that every choice each of us makes – what to buy, what to eat, what to wear – affects our planet and the lives of its inhabitants. So our mission is to help you make choices that have positive consequences. Our free online magazine alerts you to environmental, social and economic issues – both local and global – that need your attention. We bring you articles about global warming, recycling, your carbon footprint, organic food, and affordable housing (to name a few) and give you resources and tips about sustainable living.”

The REAP Passport is amazingly valuable. The free items and deep discounts add up to over $850 in savings, all from Calgary merchants that share your values and commitment to the planet. All for just $25.
Visit their web site:

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