Green Shift fighting Liberal Party over trademark

TORONTO, July 7 /CNW/ – Jennifer Wright, founder and Chief Environmental Activist of Green Shift(TM) Inc., an environmental organization, will hold a news conference in Ottawa on Wednesday to outline details of the company’s fight to stop the Liberal Party of Canada from appropriating its trademark name. The Liberals are using Green Shift to describe their environmental plan for Canada.
The Liberals describe their Green Shift as a “bold plan that will cut income taxes, put a price on pollution, fight poverty and position Canada to be a leader in the 21st century global economy.”
“The Liberal Party’s decision to hijack the name of our company and our environmental program, for its environmental tax program, has created confusion in the marketplace, diluted our brand, threatened our identity and damaged our reputation,” said Ms. Wright. “We demand that the Liberal Party stop using our name.”
The news conference will be held Wednesday on Parliament Hill. Wright will hand-deliver documents to officials of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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