Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

More than a dozen conservation organizations from the United States and
Canada have partnered to pursue a common vision for sustainable seafood
and work together as the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.
Using a range of approaches, participating organizations bring
conservation expertise to companies that buy and sell seafood. Our goal
is to preserve the health of ocean and freshwater ecosystems and ensure
a long-term seafood supply.


We envision a future where environmentally sustainable
fisheries and aquaculture (or fish farming) thrive along with the
communities that depend on them. We envision diverse and
productive fisheries and aquaculture systems that deliver seafood
on a continuing basis as well as vital environmental benefits
necessary for the well-being of all the world’s inhabitants.

The seafood industry can be a powerful force for improving the
environmental sustainability of seafood and ocean ecosystems. We
envision a future in which businesses that buy and sell seafood
and conservation organizations are active partners helping to
achieve sustainable fisheries management and aquaculture
production. We believe that this partnership is one of the
critical elements to achieving the long-term viability of the
seafood supply that is essential for business and that we all
depend on as a global community.

We invite businesses to join us in realizing this vision.

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