Ban Plastic Bags in Atlantic Canada

San Francisco has banned plastic bags, let’s follow their lead here in Atlantic Canada. One Atlantic Superstore location in Halifax, Nova Scotia will stop giving out plastic bags this month–excellent! Let’s tell other grocery stores and businesses to do the same. It takes 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture 100 billion plastic bags, which is how many are used in the U.S. alone each year.
“Sobeys and Pete’s Frootique are encouraging the use of reusable shopping bags, and the Atlantic Superstore on Quinpool Road in Halifax plans to stop giving out plastic bags on Feb. 21.”
“Chinese and Australian authorities recently outlawed plastic shopping bags because of pollution and energy concerns. The South African government has taken similar steps, and Ireland is taxing bags, significantly reducing their use.
In North America, San Francisco has banned plastic bags, and last year the northern Manitoba town of Leaf Rapids became the first place in Canada to do the same.”
Quotes taken from The Chronicle Herald
For more information about plastic bags, how they harm animals:
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