David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge Newsletter: The business of being green

The business of being green
This newsletter is
devoted to the world of green companies. We’ll help you spot the
greenwashers, bring you up to date on what the top talent is looking
for in a job (hint: it’s green), and explain how you can take David
Suzuki to work…
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Take David Suzuki to work!

Smart employers know
that staff are happiest and most productive when workplace culture
matches their personal values. Since Canadians are greening their home
lives like never before, many businesses are eager to be more
sustainable, but don’t know how…
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What’s in it for you?
According to recent polls, global warming is the number one issue on
the minds of Canadians. And it’s not a fad. Taking small actions in our
daily lives packs a big wallop against the greenhouse gases that
blanket the earth and cause climate change…
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Green gigs
In a 2003 survey, sixty-eight per cent of students said a company’s
social and environmental reputation is at least as important as the
salary offered. And smart employers realize this. That’s why you need
to know about a new expression: green-recruiting…
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The dirty business of greenwashing
probably seen them: TV ads with cars growing out of the ground. Laundry
detergents promising to light cities. Glossy magazines devoted to the
‘green’ life….
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Confessions of a lusty environmentalist
Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be wondering what you
can do to win the affections of your crush. Well, there is nothing
sexier than showing your passion for the environment…
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