What’s All the Flap About? (2007)

Source: http://planetinfocus.org/festival/whats-all-the-flap-about

Birds, especially migratory birds, are hitting windows all over North America and all over the world – Toronto is no exception. Meet the volunteers behind Fatal Light Awareness Program in their efforts to seek out the injured and the dead. In association with Dr. Daniel Klem, an ornithologist, they find birds stunned beside buildings, clinging to walls, frantically flying between high-rises, and lying dead on asphalt. Birds are under serious threat, as their contribution to the ecosystem through pollination and seed distribution is in serious decline. A fact finding mission which will raise awareness of fowl play in the built environment.

After a career in music, concern for the environment took Deanna Ford back to school to pursue a Master in Environmental Studies Degree at York University. Bird-window collisions are the first topic of hopefully many as she makes the switch to video advocacy to raise awareness about environmental issues.

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