Tiger: The Death Chronicles (2007)

Source: http://planetinfocus.org/festival/tiger-the-death-chronicles

Co-existence seems futile between man and tiger; it looks as though the tiger’s time is almost up. Even as it dominates their history, religion and mythology, the tiger is quickly disappearing in India. The demand to accelerate economic progress and development is leaving the tiger more vulnerable than ever. Rising tensions between the tigers and human forest tribes are inevitably volatile, as both populations struggle to survive. The tiger remains a powerful symbol of the natural world to some, but a curse to others; what will become of the Indian tiger?

Krishnendu Bose acquired a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (1985). In 1988 he began making documentaries on conservation and development politics. Currently he conducts workshops in schools and colleges on understanding environment conservation using films as a medium. Krishnendu was selected by Rockefeller Foundation, USA, for their international training program on Environment and Development, 1994-97, and was invited by Environmental Investigative Agency (EIA), UK, to attend the Elephant conference at Johannesburg in May 1997 and present his film on Asian elephants.

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