Reduce The Size Of Your Footprint With Evergreen & Blundstone Footwear

Blundstone Footwear and Evergreen are pleased to announce the “Plant yourself in Blundstones. Plant a tree in Canada.”
campaign. Beginning summer 2007, each pair of Blundstone boots sold in
Canada will support Evergreen’s treeplanting and urban naturalization
projects across the country.


trees will be planted across Canada by Evergreen volunteers. You can
help by buying a pair of comfortable, durable Blundstone boots from a
friendly Blundstone retailer. If you would like to volunteer for
planting trees, or other stewardship activities, you can do that, too.
Visit and click on ‘Volunteer’ to see what events are
taking place near you.

Details at or While you’re online, check out how Evergreen is creating and sustaining healthy and dynamic outdoor spaces in Canada.

Plant yourself in Blundstones. Plant a tree in Canada.

We can all do a lot to make the world a little better if we just take that first step.


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