Author sees happy ending without humans

Somewhere we got the crazy idea that it was all about us. You can even see it in the word we use to describe the world we’re bent on ruining: the environment ? the stuff that surrounds the mammal with the outsized brain who almost by definition (our definition, of course) is at the centre of things.
We’re not the norm, though, whatever we pretend. Our presence has been brief, almost non-existent when measured against the planet’s 4.5 billion years. And our long-term prospects are doubtful, even if we take advantage of global warming to resist the next ice age for a few measly millennia while managing to evade the killer asteroids, tectonic jolts and toxic habitats that did in our predecessors.

In his new book Alan Weisman imagines the Earth after polluters, proselytizers and the rest of us disappear
From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Author sees happy ending without humans
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