Who’s the greenest of them all?

The computer business is one of the dirtiest around, but Hewlett-Packard is doing its best to reduce its environmental footprint
From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail – June 18, 2007 at 12:19 PM EDT

No matter how you look at it, electronics is a filthy business. Manufacturing one desktop computer uses more than 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water, according to an environmental impact study carried out under the auspices of the United Nations. It takes four times more energy to produce a desktop than is required to power it over its life. The amount of energy consumed to produce a refrigerator, on the other hand, is only about one-eighth of what’s used to run it.
globeandmail.com: Who’s the greenest of them all?

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