Wild Weather: The truth behind global warming

“Human-induced global warming is affecting all life on the planet. We must work together to stop this global catastrophe.” Weather can be wild and it is getting wilder. Global warming has been linked to myriad natural catastrophes and the race is on to change the way we interact with our planet. In the next decade we will experience the greatest technological advancements ever witnessed as we move beyond our reliance on fossil fuels and harvest the sun. Join Dr. Reese Halter, an award winning conservation biologist and television host, as he delves into the causes of wild weather and global warming. People are fascinated by weather, and rightfully so. It affects every aspect of our daily lives from what we eat to where we travel. It controls where we live and the fresh water supply upon which we depend for survival. Weather is always on our minds. An entire television station is dedicated to it.

Weather has recently demonstrated, and repeatedly demonstrates, its force and violence, ravaging communities and countries. More than just temperature and precipitation, weather comprises a range of events that includes hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms, drought, and fire.
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