Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition was founded on the 10th day of September, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.This is a non-partisan, non-profit group that aims to politically prioritize the urgency of the climate crisis, as a response to government inaction. It has diverse buy in and focuses on the human-rights, environmental, and economic aspects of climate change.

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition is a united front of youth from across Canada tackling the biggest challenge of our generation, the emerging climate crisis. In the absence of significant action by industry and government, we will make climate destabilization a priority that all Canadians need to address. Acting locally, provincially, federally, and internationally, we combine our forces to organize actions, influence government and implement concrete solutions. Working in schools and communities from coast to coast to coast, we are calling for and building a just and prosperous transition to the new Canada we all need to see.
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  1. Peter-Kyle Liao

    Hi Friends,
    I am a medical student at Brock University. I wrote a song called “Light A Candle in The dark”. It is a perfect song for “Global Warming” and climate change.
    I am a strong believer in the cause, and here is my effort to support the organization to drive home that message.

    If you think this video will help to promote the cause, Please link this video to your site. Or use it as a theme song for Canadian Youth climate coalition.

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