What would you do for the environment if you were Prime Minister?

David Suzuki wants to know!
Starting on February 1, David Suzuki is traveling across Canada on the ?If you were Prime Minister? tour. This 50-city tour is the biggest of his career, and we want you to come out and see him in your city.

He’s coming to find out what you think, and he’ll take your ideas to Ottawa to make sure your voice is heard.
Come see David Suzuki and cast your vote for the enviornment!
Click below for tour dates in your province:
* Newfoundland-Nova Scotia-Prince Edward Island-New Brunswick
* Quebec-Ontario-Manitoba
* Saskatchewan-Alberta-British Columbia
We’ll be keeping you informed with weekly updates as we make our way across Canada.
Don?t forget to tell your friends about the tour.
We?re looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. Why isn’t he coming to Saskatoon, which is far bigger than some of the other centers he’s stopping in?

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