Fresh alarm over global warming

Last week’s report of an ancient ice sheet breaking from Ellesmere Island is but one more real-world event bearing out scientists’ warnings about global warming.

Halfway into Joseph Romm’s new book on climate change, Hell and High Water, I started to get angry.
It didn’t help my mood that we had a Christmas without snow this year, the planet’s hottest year on record, or that last Thursday we learned that an ancient arctic ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields broke off from Ellesmere Island ? yet another visible sign of planetary warming and the shrinking of Canada’s northern geography.
Something just isn’t right, and Romm ? closely following other important works on the issue, including Tim Flannery’s top selling The Weather Makers and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth ? tells us why in a way that the average person can, and ultimately must, understand.
At the same time, he convincingly shoots down the arguments of those who claim global warming is a hoax or some kind of natural cycle not associated with human activities.
The problem, and hence the source of my discontent, is that those who Romm calls the “Denyers and Delayers” are winning the political battle in the United States, the world’s highest emitter of greenhouse gases and a saboteur of Kyoto talks.

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