You can help change Canada’s “No” to a “Yes!”

There?s still time to change Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn?s mind and convince him to support a United Nations moratorium on the destructive bottom trawl fishery in International waters. The vote will take place at the United Nations General Assembly meeting from November 17-22 2006. Even though Minister Hearn has said Canada won?t support the moratorium, momentum is building within the international community to back the UN resolution to put the brakes on this highly destructive fishing practice. The U.S., Australia, Norway, Pacific Island Countries, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, and many other nations support the moratorium. Canada is currently aligned with Spain in opposing a moratorium.

Tell Minister Hearn you want him to please stand up, do the right thing and cast a vote in favour of the moratorium. Sign this online petition that supports a temporary moratorium on bottom trawling in international waters until effective conservation and management measures to protect biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of fisheries in these waters can be developed, implemented and enforced by the global community.

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