News Clips from Electric Green – July 8, 2006

– Canada greens fight $7bil Suncor Oilsands project… Planet

– Ontario passes first new Parks Act in fifty years… Wildlands

– Nahanni too small for wildlife: report… CPAWS
– Gold rush threatened Sacred Headwaters in BC… Sierra

SPCA questions
baby giraffe’s death at Vancouver zoo… CBC

– Making Toronto sustainable- Toronto Green Development
Standard… Newswire

Green spaces turned into affordable "edible" landscapes… Globe
and Mail

– Province approaches Brule mine project… Gov

– $5 million in clean development technologies funding approved… SDTC

Pollution not linked to changes in Arctic wildlife :study… CBC
– Major upgrades to Chippewas of Georgina Island First
Nation Homes announced… ECO
– Bumper crop of whooping crane twins… CBC

– Input into review of Ontarios species at risk legislation… MNR

Hunting causes cougar population to plummet… Current

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