5% Ethanol Policy Can’t Hide Anti-Kyoto Stance: WWF-Canada

TORONTO, May 23 /CNW/ – The Canadian government’s policy to have 5%
ethanol in fuels is no replacement for living up to Kyoto obligations, was the
reaction of WWF-Canada after hearing the news out of a Federal/Provincial
meeting in Regina today.

“This is a tactic, not a strategy, and un-ambitious at that since all
cars can take up to 10% ethanol,” stated Julia Langer, director of WWF-
Canada’s global threats program. “Further, Canada really should be aiming for
tree/fibre-based not corn/food based fuel and much more fuel efficient
According to Natural Resources Canada, 10 per cent of Canada’s green
house gas (GHG) emissions come from cars and light trucks and nine per cent
from heavy trucks. Therefore, five percent ethanol would reduce Canada’s GHG
emissions by less than 1 per cent.
The majority of Canadians support the Kyoto Protocol and will not be
fooled by this tactic to distract attention from the federal government’s
attempt to abandon a signed commitment to a global, legally binding treaty.

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